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Clear braces in Boise, ID

The difference is clear

Getting braces can be quite an annoying process. Not only do you have to deal with the discomfort of having your teeth rearranged, but you must get used to a change in your appearance. If you don't like the mechanical, unnatural appearance of metal braces, consider clear braces. John T. Kalange, DDS, MS of Boise, ID offers clear braces for those who need dramatic orthodontic alignments but do not like the appearance of traditional braces.

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3 reasons to choose clear braces

If you don't like the way metal braces look on your teeth, clear braces may be a great option for you. Here are a few reasons to choose clear braces over invisible aligners and traditional braces:

  1. You don't want to draw attention to your metal braces
  2. You need more than plastic aligners to improve the alignment of your teeth
  3. You want to speed up the process of realigning your teeth

You can trust John T. Kalange, DDS, MS to enhance your smile with clear braces, so call today.