Invisalign Teen in Boise, ID

Invisalign Teen in Boise, ID


Being a teenager is hard enough without the pain and inconvenience of braces. During those awkward, defining moments of adolescence, it can be hard to remember that those metal brackets and rubber bands will pay off some time in the future. If you want to save your teen the hassle of getting braces, consider Invisalign Teen. John T. Kalange, DDS, MS of Boise, ID offers Invisalign services for adults and teens.

Dr. Kalange has been providing Invisalign treatment to straighten the teeth longer then any dentist or orthodontist in the entire treasure valley - since 2000!

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3 benefits of Invisalign Teen

With Invisalign Teen, your child will spend less time worrying about the annoyance of braces and more time enjoying their youth. Here are a few benefits of Invisalign Teen:

  1. They are completely removable, so your teen can enjoy their favorite foods, sports and activities to the fullest.
  2. They'll transform your teen's smile without drastically altering the look and feel of their teeth during the process.
  3. Your teen will enjoy the journey toward the perfect smile without the inconvenience of brackets or wires.

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