1. You want the best orthodontic treatment available and we believe that we are uniquely positioned to provide that. Our services and the results are unsurpassed. Dr. Kalange is an orthodontic specialist and has completed extensive training necessary to be an orthodontist.

2. Dr. Kalange has developed a revolutionary procedure for the application of braces called iBonding™ in which all of the braces are placed on the teeth all at once! The result of this is a shorter and more comfortable visit for the patient. This process is very accurate and this accuracy results in easier, more comfortable and better orthodontic treatment.

3. We take time to care about each and every person while also creating a fun environment. We look forward to ways to help kids motivate themselves toward a healthier lifestyle based on their individual personalities. Our staff has been carefully selected to provide you with the best quality of service available.

4. Dr . Kalange has served the orthodontic needs of the Treasure Valley in an exemplary fashion. He is one of only a select few orthodontists in Idaho who are Diplomate’s of the American Board of Orthodontists. He is also a Full Member of the Northwest Component of Edward H. Angle Society of which there are only approximately 800 world-wide.

5. Dr. Kalange is an innovator and an orthodontic inventor. He has a company specifically developed to manufacture orthodontic devices that are used across the nation, and across the world. This company is called IDeal Orthodontic Solutions. He has also served in the capacity as a product development advisor to several orthodontic product supply companies.